We Build Solid Retaining Walls in the Redding & Danbury, CT Area

3 reasons to rely on us for your retaining wall installation

Concrete retaining walls are designed to keep soil in place, so they should be installed where erosion would present a safety concern. Caraluzzi And Associates, LLC should be your first choice when you need retaining wall installation services in the Redding & Danbury, CT area.

We stand above the competition because...

We've got the equipment needed to install heavy-duty concrete retaining walls.
We can install stackable retaining walls and mafia block walls.
We can create plantable retaining walls by filling concrete blocks with soil.

Our retaining wall installation capabilities allow us to take on big projects that other contractors would think twice about attempting. Call 203-664-1407 now to discuss your project.

We can replace parking lots

We can replace parking lots

If your parking lot is riddled with potholes and cracks, hire us to replace it. We'll work efficiently to minimize the inconvenience to your customers and employees.

Contact us today to arrange for parking lot replacement services in the Redding & Danbury, CT area.